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Heartless Morta©™2016-09-02 11:59:47
September Donator Incentive Special (for $40 and up):
Mount: Send in your mount info
Pet: Send in Custom Pet Info
5 Pieces of custom equipment
Double DKs all month long
Double DPs all month long
Special this month: A full set of custom equipment (15 pieces) plus a custom mount and custom pet for $100.

We wish a Wonderful September to all.

Ocean Quest Winners are as follows (Winners must petition in for their prizes):
Most Trades -- none (30000 gems)
Biggest Fish -- Morta (15000 gems)
Most by Weight – none (15000 gems)
Most by Number -- none (15000 gems)

July Pyramid Winners were no one. Come on everyone and give them a run for top spot in the Pyramid race.

If you have any suggestions about things to add or for a mass RP then please petition in so we can look into it. If you find any typos, bugs in modules or glitches please petition those in too so we can get them fixed.

As always we want to thank HunterD our coder and host for keeping things running so smoothly. Also a thank you to all the staff who work so hard to make Enchanted Land all that it is.

As always we hope that everyone is enjoying the realm and if you have any suggestions please add them to the player forum in the suggestion thread (under General then the Suggestions thread).

If you have any suggestions for an RP that could be realm wide please get in touch with Stormwind.

Happy Fall,
The Staff of Enchanted Land

Prizes for Clan Points are for both individuals (Individuals must petition in for their prize) and clans and are as follows:

Clan Point Prizes for Clans and Individuals:
First Place – 1,000,000 gold & 100,000 gems -- Contract of the Forsaken/Morta
Second Place – 500,000 gold & 50,000 gems -- Musica Animae/Cascade

Top 10 Clans
Clan NamePoints
Contract of the Forsaken40
Musica Animae5
Hammers of the Righteous0
Agony of the World0

Top 10 Players
Player NamePoints
Heartless Morta©™68
Bloody Cascade1

News for Wed, Dec 13, 2017
Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.


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